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Unsecured Cash Loans

Get your company on the path to success
$10,000-$400,000 CASH IN 5-7 DAYS


Capital Financial Empire provides clients with the capital they need when they need it. We have over a decade of experience funding unsecured loans to pre-qualified clients from $10,000 to $350,000+ in 5-7 business days.  The loans are unsecured with no collateral needed. Funds can be used for any purpose including real estate, business start-up, working capital, investments, medical, legal, education, and more. With our expertise you can obtain fast approval with no upfront costs.



Funding can be used for real estate investment, business start-up, working capital, down payment assistance, gap funding, traditional real estate, investments, medical, legal, education, travel, funeral expenses and more.

It's your money!

You decide what it is used for!

  • W-2 Workers

  • 1099R Contractors

  • LLC S- Corp, C-Corp

We pride ourselves on our ability to help everyone obtain the funding they deserve.

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